Friday, August 8, 2008

Racing, Writing and...No Arithmetic

Veering slightly from my normal focus, I just wanted to say that I added a new level to that surreal experience of online gameplay. [And yes, I am behind the times getting so excited about it, but I explained that here.] What new level you ask? Finally I played a buddy online with other racers from across the country. Yup, my best friend Laughter and I fought off red shells, threw down lightning and Bullet Bill'd our way across desert, concrete and snow - to say the least. It certainly took away the delusion that the other players are merely Artificial Intelligence. Racing Laughter from about 200 miles away. What fun! No, seriously.

On the storytelling side, I delved back into the current novel. Too much stuff is invading my time. I just need to force time for it. Well, the gang sprung some surprises on me again. Proving yet another time that the characters know what they're doing. I'm lucky that this set is willing to lay low for spells at a time.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Please post some prose from your present paperback. Amazon does not let you see the first few pages. Might you include a sampling of Peter Pan's NeverWorld for us to look upon? Give us a little jolly taste! It could be scanned in no time.

The Golden Dwarf

VampyreSleigher83 said...

Pshaw, Ms. Golden Dwarf, if you would like a taste of Mr. Von Brown's work, you will have to make like the rest of us an wait until your book arrives. I purchased mine last week and has been shipped. The magic awaits!

dbz said...

veering from the prose thing ... WAHHHHHHHHH I want a Wiiiiiiiii

Peter Von Brown said...

The Golden Dwarf -
Thanks for the eagerness and the suggestion. I've already looked into it. However, updates on Amazon are not as swift as the rest of their site. It will be weeks before the 'Search Inside' feature begins.

As for how Peter Pan's NeverWorld begins:

Chapter 1 - The End
SOME stories, especially one, don’t end.