Monday, August 11, 2008

More or Leslie!

Sordid Lives: The Series has yet to disappoint. And I doubt sincerely that it ever will. Bart and I are laughing ourselves silly. The delivery of the lines is ticklish to the funny bone. And oh my! -- the lines themselves! Thanks Del Shores. Once again, bravo to them all!

I first wrote about it here.

Meanwhile I also read Leslie Jordan's book, My Trip Down the Pink Carpet. It's not for everyone, as the little man (said with UTMOST affection) can be rather explict and raunchy. But in a cute way. :) It's not all fun and games. He deals with some very serious issues that have faced the gay community over the years as well as some personal trauma. But on the whole, it's uplifting and quite a read. It makes me love him even more.

Mr. Jordan is the only actor I have ever written into a novel.* Cassidy read the book and excitedly told me, "Ooo! Ooo! You know who'd be perfect to play Dusty in the movie? That little guy from Will & Grace!" Apparently my description had been darn good.

*What If It's a Trick Question? - Not Peter Pan's NeverWorld

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