Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pan's at Yet Another Window...

This book, Hook & Jill by Andrea Jones, came to my attention yesterday.
Interesting, no?

If you’re wondering, I’m not concerned about contradictions with this particular novel. For you see, it’s not a direct addition/continuation to Barrie’s story. Rather it seems to be a re-telling, or a re-imagining.

What does make me cock my head, though, is that emphasis is being placed on the Neverland as dark, sinister and highly dangerous... as if this were something special this time around. Okay, yes… but how is that different from what Barrie portrays? Perhaps Ms. Jones means darker still?

And I have to admit I’m quite curious about “Jill.” The only thing that comes to mind is the Hogan movie version when Wendy declares herself as “Red Handed Jill” which is a variation from John’s name for himself, “Red Handed Jack.”

I’ll just have to get the book and find out, eh?

Learn more about this new book here.

Jones-in for More
I'm HOOKed.

WARNING: Hook & Jill is not a novel for children, as Ms. Jones will be quick to say herself. This adventure explores the grown-up side of Barrie’s tale.

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