Monday, June 11, 2012

Pan Suit

I came across this when tangled up in the World Wide Web.

It's an original costume for Peter Pan.  As in the 1911 production.

I don't remember seeing it in my London travels  my word is there SO much to see!  But I did see the original flying harness.

Special thanks to (Chris)Topher Clark, who posted it online amidst other great shots of his own London trip.  You can find that posting here.  Sir, should you find this post and wish me to delete it, just say the word and I will do so.  But I certainly hope you allow me to share your wonderful find/photo!

As Mr. Clark points out - it's not green.  Imagine that!  ;)

What I want to point out is the cape-like element of it.  Extra proof (not that it had been necessary) of part of my rationale for giving the eternal boy a "capelet" in Peter Pan's NeverWorldHave the Cape and Read It, Too

It's also interesting to me that Barrie changed it for the book so that Pan wears "skeleton leaves" for his outfit.  Just one of many alterations he crafted in the process of making the play into a novel.  There are definitely leaves at the top of it, though!

Hope you enjoyed seeing this bit of history, folks!

At first I had it listed as the 1904 suit as in THE original, but some named Persinette on the web corrected me in the comments.  Actually, Persinette corrected Mr. Clark, whose info I trusted and should have looked into further.   That's what I get for being too excited and kicking myself for not remembering seeing it.  Thanks, Persinette!  I thought the cape looked a little thin!  See here, which is a photo from the 1904.  Interesting, though - the cape possibly gets thinner as time went on, until it disappeared.  Of course, it also seems like it's attached to just the arms in this...


Persinette said...

That particular costume is from 1911, though I'm sure it's very similar -if not identical- to the one used in 1904 ;)

More information (and great detailed pictures) at

Peter Von Brown said...

Thanks Persinette!

I changed the text in the post to reflect both the correct information and your help. as well as a little comment of my own and a link to an actual 1904 picture of Nina Boucicault on stage.

Of course, anyone who read this post since already saw that...

Thanks again for the help, fellow Pan fan!

Here's your link made linkable :)
Meseum of London

I encourage everyone to visit Persinette's own site, which is wonderful - and seems like it will be even more so as time goes on! There's a link to it in the name in the post, but here it is again: A Kiss For Peter

Erik said...

The original costume from the 1904 production, as worn by Nina Boucicault, is now displayed at Barrie's Birthplace in Kirriemuir - and it is red too, as in most of the productions in the UK until WW2. You can see it here:
Jean Forbes-Roberton, who played Peter from 1927 to 1935 in London was also in red: (More great pictures of Peter Pan over the ages in that Flickr collection for all you fans, by the way.)
The colour red could have symbolised the 'autumn leaves' Peter is wearing, as described by Barrie in the play version published in 1928. Just a thought.