Friday, June 8, 2012

Gone, But Not Bury-ed

Another one of our Great Masters of Literature has turned his own page into the beyond.

I’m late reporting this, but I’d been unable post it until now.  But I didn't want to not pay my respect.

Ray Bradbury: a man with vision to spare, who gave us fantastic tales of science fiction. He’s surely one of the Fathers of the genre. He exited this plane of existence we assume is reality on June 6, 2012.

My favorite story of his is part of The Martian Chronicles called Usher II. In the story, all things of the imagination have been banned by the government. If it’s made up, it’s not valid. So one man decides to exact revenge - and funds the architectural construction of the Usher house - you know, from Edgar Allen Poe. He invites them all there and it’s filled with mechanistic and holographic (as I recall!) characters from across the span of Literarture - Mad Hatter right along with dragons - and they’re all out to get (as in kill) those responsible for the outrageous censorship. And yes, the House of Usher falls in the same manner as Poe wrote it with them inside.

I also have to mention The Veldt. Sunshine brought this one to my attention back in college. For in it the boy and girl are named Peter and Wendy. Yes, folks, that’s a reference to Barrie in this dark tale of kids with a nursery that is what we’d now call a “Virtual Reality” chamber. The children use it to make an African veldt and the lions eat up their parents, as per their plan it would seem.

Hail to thee, Mr. Bradbury. You’ve made the world a brighter place with your twisted (good sense) and dark lens which you used to caution, inform and entertain. We owe a great deal to you, sir. There is no way you’ll be forgotten, even without your amazing body of work.

Farewell, sir.  And thanks for the awe inspiring stories.

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