Thursday, June 28, 2012

League It Alone?

Are you ready for another take on Peter Pan?
Okay, then, how about the Lost Boys?  No, not the vampire movie inspired by Barrie's tale.  The actual band of boys that followed Peter without question.  Well, they're being called into question themselves now.

Fox Television and Imagine TV are bringing The League of Pan to the small screen.  It'll be set in modern day and revolve around the Lost Boys ten years after they had left the Neverland.  It's a re-imaginaning, of course.  So I'm not going to point out that Barrie already told us about their lives and what happens to each of them in this instance.  For it's probably not relevant.  Unless time proves otherwise, this is a different lens entirely and not meant to be in cohesion with the original stories.

Could be fun.  Wonder if Pan will show up, no?  One report I read said that Wendy remains "snubbed and miffed" - whether that means she's an embittered character on the show or not, I don't know.  I'm just cuirous how it will work as a drama each week.  Do we really need to see "teenage"/young gent Lost Boys coping with modern day?  I don't now either.  Perhaps we should take heart, for Fox handled Barrie quite well in the past with Peter Pan & the Pirates.  This time around the idea is brought to us by writer Brian McCauley Johnson.

But Barrie's tale is indeed rich for so much to be developed around it, harnessing the theme of coping with thedreams and realities of the choices we make.  Let's hope this choice is a good one.

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