Tuesday, May 10, 2011

100 Deux in Print

Today Andrea Jones, the illustrious author of Hook & Jill, brought an upcoming book to my attention.

For all those who are not as obsessive as we tend to be and would thus already know, this year is the Centennial of the novel form of Peter Pan.  Yep.  The second 100 year date of The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up.

To be precise, it's October 11.
And to commemorate this grand date, W. W. Norton & Company is publishing The Centennial Edition on the very same day of the calendar.  Even better, it's annotated!

The painstaking task of annotation fell to Maria Tatar, who chairs the Program in Folklore and Mythology at Harvard University.  An author and editor quite familiar with the folklore and mythology akin to Peter Pan, it seems as if we are in for a treat by very capable hands.

I've already got my copy reserved.  But that probably goes without saying.  Here's a direct link.

Thank you, Andrea, for passing this along!  Quite the pleasure to have your pop-up plunder.


Erik said...

Definitely something to look forward to! And another one to look out for is Bruce K Hanson's Peter Pan Chronicles, in a new revised and updated edition now entitled PETER PAN ON STAGE AND SCREEN, due out in July.

Peter Von Brown said...

Definitely Erik!
I learned of Hanson's update many moons ago and I am no less pleased now as when I discovered it.

I found the first one walking into work one day, when I had been employeed at the largest bookstore in the tri-state area where I grew up. It's a great book... and Bart especially likes to peruse it now & then.

Thanks for the heads up!