Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pan Through a Spyglass...

More information has come out on one of the slew of Peter Pan films from Hollywood.

It's one of those that doesn't seem like a bad idea.  A re-imagining of the story, looking at it through a different lens.  I'm all for that.  I just gets my goat when it's supposed to be Barrie's tale and it becomes distorted in a "damaging" way or when it's supposed to be a contiguous part of the timeline when it's structurally unsound.

Well, this new info comes for the one where Hook is a modern day troubled former detective, pursuing a childlike kidnapper, yes, Peter Pan.  Here's what we now know in addition:  Wendy is the lone survivor, a victim of Pan, who leaves an asylum to help Hook in the hunt for him.  Smee is the only one Hook can trust on the force.

In terms of the cast and crew, we've got Aaron Eckhart as Hook, Sean Bean  is Smee and AnnaSophia Robb portrays the disturbed Wendy.  Rather interesting note:  She's now starring as the incredibly inspiring Bethany Hamilton in the biopic Soul Surfer, which Jeremy Sumpter, the silver screen's Peter Pan also has a role.  Director Ben Hibon will bring his vision to Ben Magid's script.  It's being brought to us by at New Line/Warner Bros.

I think it sounds like it could work out well.  What better way to bring out the darkest notions of Barrie than to push the envelope and name what Pan actually does:  Kidnap.  And given Hook's affiliation with good form and respectability in that weird sense of the dual nature of things - ruthless invader or righteous crusader (depends on how the actions are perceived.)  Maybe Hook is the hero?  There's certainly much trauma throughout the tale of Pan, it might be fun to see the depths of it emerge from another angle.

Here's hoping!

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