Saturday, April 9, 2011

Are They Teasing?

Here's something being done from Tinsel Town that's not a movie idea... it's loads of them.

As evidenced from previous posts, I like to keep abreast of future projects for the big screen.  Via the internet we are inundated with every next rumbling or mention on the set, privy to speculations and facts alike.  I don't know about you, but after a while I have to put a halt on my delving into information about upcoming movies I know I want to see.  There comes a point where I have "heard/seen too much" for fear of spoiling the adventure for me.  And yet, scouting a little bit seems required, so I know whether or not it sounds up my alley.

Well, the folks behind the Alien quasi-prequel Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises, namely Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan, have come up with a way to combat info-hounds.  They've employed teams to generate and spread false rumors about their movies.  Oh sure, it's not like this tactic hasn't been done before.  But here it does seem slightly innovative.  The 'net is already teeming with everything it can drudge up.  Make it harder to separate fact from fiction.

Sort of a way to punish people who crave tidbits about entertainment.  Push too far into the project and you might get pushed off course.  Sounds fair, I suppose.  But as I think further is it really doing the job it sets out to do?   For instance, if I read something about a film I had a spark of interest in which made the spark fizzle and hence I no longer pay attention, is that fair to the filmmakers or to me?  To lose a paying viewer and fan who probably would have otherwise liked it on account of false information?

If this played out the other way around, meaning if I were the artist whose work had roving reports of upcoming projects, would I want to throw people off track?  I don't really think I would.  By the same token, however, I'd also prefer they not uber-spoil it for themsevles. 

When I began this post it seemed like good idea.  Now I'm not so sure.  There's something to be said pro and con on both ends, that's all that I'm sure of here.

I guess what I like boils down to 'teasers,' since I eventually cut off my supply of info.  Really, I do.  I once shut my eyes and plugged my ears in a theater so as not to see the "Inside Look" of On Stranger Tides, the next Pirates of the Caribbean moive.  (For the record, I'm hoping for the best from this movie, but don't expect too much.  It's Jack Sparrow, so I have to see it.)  And also for the record, I'm not keen on either of the aforementioned movie titles.

Lastly for the record, this bewonderment about information seeking and red herrings applies to all other entertainment media for me, too.

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