Monday, April 12, 2010

Two Cents for The 3 Laws...

Another two cents from me:

I just wanted to say I rather liked the note at the end of the 2004 movie I, Robot.

It simply said Suggested by the book I, Robot by Isaac Asimov. It acknowledges the source and at the same time lets you know liberties have been taken. Bravo for the distinction.

How irritating is it when a movie puts the author's name as part of the title and then brings something which vaguely resembles the work to the screen?

Oh - yes, I watched the movie over the weekend. Did I like it? Yes. It falls into the "entertaining" category. Not bad, not great. A fun flick.

Yet another two cents: Although it's a mediocre film, I liked "futuristic Chicago" much better as depicted in the movie A Sound of Thunder, based on a Ray Bradbury story.

Looking for the pic I discovered I, Robot 2 is a possibility. That seems excessive to me.


JAQ said...

Knowing Hollywood, the sequel will be called "I Robot Too".

Regan Castle, Tolkien Advocate said...

I SO agree. This is a lovely distinction!