Monday, April 19, 2010

My Life in Random...

It turns out that the new episodes of Johnny Test consist of only one new story, not two. Darn.

It also turns out that I wound up seeing Burton's Alice in Wonderland again with a friend, Buttercup, who had been curious - but a little leery. I kept telling her it's amazing and she's come to value my opinion based on other things. Guess what. She loved it and said "I need to see it again. It's not that I just want to... I need to." She also agreed as to what the title of this film should be. :) [Oh, I didn't see it in 3-D this time and, yes, it didn't make a difference.]

And on the Peter Pan front, my novel Betwixt-and-Between is still going well. I am rather enjoying 'working' with Tiger Lily again. I'm guessing I'm two-thirds done. And if that sounds like I haven't done much, it miught be on account of me revising it as I write it. Plus the characters keep throwing new stuff at me. But the latest scenes that I have completed turned out much better than I thought they might. I also figured out the exact sequence for some of the smaller events - which means I'll have no trouble (it would seem) forging ahead. [Yes, that is the title portion of the cover.]

I rather feel like someone else scripted this past weekend... since nothing quite went as planned. It turned out lovely, ending up with an unexpected and sudden gathering of folks at our place on Sunday night. Bart made a shrimp pasta for everyone. As if you needed to know...

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