Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thanks and Thinkings

I may have already done so, but it bears repeating:

I want to thank those whose discussions, comments and/or "point outs" have helped in the writing of Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between.

Most notably are reader/commenter Anon and Andrea Jones, author of Hook & Jill.

Tidbits here and there have worked their way into story, making it not only better but much more exciting for me to compose.

Still going well. In fact, yesterday I had another instance of a scene appearing on the page for which I don't feel I may claim responsibility. Peter Pan and some fairies took hold of my pen (er... keyboard) and soon I had a fun incident with a great image, providing just what had been needed as a transition into the next part (where I did know what would happen.) I never tire of this phenomenon.

I've already exceeded the length of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens (approx. 21,850 words.) I'm currently around 31,690 words. Since I've thrown out a set of characters and their scenes (which would only convolute the already fantastical tale) and I've gotten further along, I am wondering at what length this story will turn out to be. I don't have a sense of that yet - especially when the characters are taking the reins! I did have this thought, though: Perhaps it shoud be a word count which would be (ahem!) betwixt-and-between Barrie's two tales about Pan. Peter and Wendy weighs in at circa 47,190. The median would then be (Good grief! Math! Argh!) 34,520. Well, the dream of it being exactly in-between lengths must vanish, for I don't feel as if I can tell the rest of this story in only 3000 words. But I shall at least try to keep it under Peter and Wendy. Then again, that would technically classify it as a novella. Not that it matters, as Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens is a novella (when dealt with separately from The Little White Bird.) Just a lame lament that it wouldn't actually be a "book." I'll just keep going, and see what happens...


Anon said...

But...I LOVE math!

(And how did you find out how many words long Barrie's two tales were?)

Anyway, I don't know what you're complaining about, with it not actually being a "book." Besides, novellas are just the right length to be adapted into movies.

At any rate, I'm glad it's going well, and looking forward to the final result! ^_^

Anon said...

Also, I'm not sure if "median" applies if you're only averaging between two alternatives.... Even if so, it'd be the same as the mean, wouldn't it?

Peter said...

Well, you've made me look it up. Yes, it more so applies with a sequence of numbers. But it can also has the definition of "situated in or pertaining to the middle" so it probably still works. If not, then chalk it up to my aversion to math. [And I've never liked the word 'mean' used that way - aesthetically speaking.]

As for how I know the word count of Barrie's books - easily via the word processor.

And it's not so much a complaint of novella vs. novel as it is a sigh for havng to forever make the distinction when speaking about what I've written. "...and one novella." ;)