Thursday, February 11, 2010

Not FULLer on Board...

Well, I stuck all the way until the end of this volume of Heroes.
I can’t say I enjoyed it. But I can’t say I absolutely hated it.

I believe I’ve said before how it just seemed to creep along at a lackadaisical pace with jolts of a very cool scene, event or twist. I had figured I’d just follow along, letting it dole out story as it saw fit.

Well, now that we’ve gotten to the end, I have to say I’m not so sure it had all been worth the erratic and annoying pacing. For the last few episodes ran very slowly, with a sudden urge to make the rest fly by because there'd been no time to finish... so we have out of the blue scenarios. Not necessarily outlandish, but noticeably quick when the rest had been at such an even keel. Not very well worked out across the arc of episodes.

As for the content of the episodes and what has happened with story… again, I don’t hate it. But it did turn a bit ridiculous or “too easy” from time to time. Not to mention I’d find myself internally screaming at the characters (and therefore the writers) to use an aspect of their super power that they seem to have forgotten. In their defense, one instance of that the character (Matt Parkman) did precisely what I suggested. Of course, Peter Petrelli had to come along and screw it up to flesh out a particularly lousy episode. I also must comment on how it worked out with Hiro’s “girlfriend” Charlie. I really wanted him to “pop out” and rescue her in the 1940’s and bring her back for a life with him — but how great a bittersweet turn that took! Which is: Charlie wound up with a whole life during the time she’d been away [in the past] and Hiro saving her would have negated all of it… up to and including her grandkids. Nicely done, to make Hiro see that he cannot have the world just the way he wants it to be [which had been one of the slow story arcs.] And don't get me started with Sylar... they kind of blew up my idea for an ending. (But then, one never knows...)

So… all in all, it certainly does not have the magic it once did. But at least I am willing to watch the next season. My guess is that without Bryan Fuller, the show suffers immensely. He has one of the wackiest imaginations out there. It’s a shame that more of his stuff such as Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies (I have not yet seen Dead Like Me) don’t seem to find followings beyond a few wackos who appreciate the strange quirks of this talented guy. And yet, he obviously isn’t just wandering in a bizarre landscape (which it always seemed to me Chris Carter has done) but has a detailed map of it — able to channel and focus a crazed-out shenanigans show like Heroes into a poignant and thrilling heady adventure.

Bring on more, Bryan Fuller. Something will catch fire… and we’ll be waiting for it.

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