Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Virtual Neverland

Peter Pan's Playground on Wii

Don't get too excited.

It's for little kids. Does it count as irony that I wish it were a game for bigger kids (and kids at heart)?

Yes, this does exist. And yes, I'm just now learning about it. Slipped silently by the RADAR. It's a puzzle and coloring game for toddlers. You can find info about it here.

Really gets me thinking, though. I'd had tremendous fun with Wii Sports Resort. Laughter brought it with him when he stayed with us while working on The Night Season. Sports Resort features the Wii Motion Plus. For the non-saavy, that means 1 to 1 motion control. The on-screen character mimics your motions, exactly.

One "game" is sky diving, where a push forward will make you gain speed, all the while titling and maneuvering precisely. It's very calming.

To one up that, you can fly a plane all around the island. Zooming in toward it, or higher in the sky, all in real time. Push forward to gain speed or pull back to slow, twist, dart and sail just as you please in sight seeing soothing frenzy, easy as pie.

But I enjoyed the swordfighting. A little too much. Yes, I've clanged swords as Jack Sparrow, Jedi and Link, but this time around... you actually controlled the sword. As opposed to making generic flicks of the controller. This is exhilarating.

See where I'm going with this? Flying around an island, swordfighting... feeling natural, uber-fun...

We need a Peter Pan video game. Whether it follow Barrie's story or just be other adventures in the Neverland. What I'd prefer, of course, is both. Follow Barrie, then stuff in a slew of other adventures that are merely referred to in the book. Even better - have a "free-roaming" explore gameplay as well. It can be done, it's in use now.

Anyone else up for a respectful, well-done virtual version of the Neverland?
I am! I am!

*Nice touch getting Pan's shadow to appear on the cover. Very excellent placement. Bravo!

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