Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some Odds and Ends...

Well, the new season of Heroes did not exactly begin with a resounding "YATTA!"
But, that does not in any way mean I didn't like it. On the contrary I liked quite a bit. It just didn't have the SuperCharge of Ando, so to speak. Fortunately, I never found myself rolling my eyes or saying "Oh COME ON!" Oh, sure, there'd been plenty of the super weird and silly. But it all fell under the umbrella of their special brand of wackiness and not the "we're going way too weird" of previous volumes. I did have one "Um, well, all right, I guess..." which would be Hiro's sudden decision to break his own rule. Then again, he's based rash judgments on chance meetings in the past, to both good and ill effect. I just didn't see how he could suddenly control and hone a singularity of his ability just by talking to a man with a moving tattoo compass. Hiro talking to his dad a long while back and suddenty mastering his skill I could buy. Then again, I don't really have all the facts on this one. Maybe he isn't screwing with the past without harmful reprecussion... and that's why I don't classify it as an eye roll. I'm eagerly awaiting what's to come. For they did give me a lot that I need to know. So glad I have the chance to be utterly confused and excited about a storyline again.

Speaking of, it seems my Anonymous commenter is now reading my novel that I've got up online, What If It's a Trick Question? Anon is enjoying it quite much. Thanks, Anon!

And here's another example of "It's not just me." Cassidy has sent me a CNN article to read. Yep, the re-make boom is not sitting right with everyone. The article talks about it from various angles, but the tone is definitely of the "Really??" variety.
Stirring the pot of controversy with film remakes

Thanks, Cassidy!

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