Monday, September 21, 2009

HEROES returns!

returns tonight.


I know many are "so over" this show or what have you. If you read back through my posts about it, I wavered ever so often, too. But in the end I wound up still loving it. And the little I know of this season I'm thinking we still have a shot at staying cool.

I'm having a couple people (fans!) over to watch the two-hour premiere.
Lately I have been "jonesing" for more, although as I said last time, they managed to satiate me so that I've not been tortured with needing new episodes all Spring and Summer long. But now that it's back... woo-hoo!

We'll be having hot wing appetizers, with corn & black bean salad and real Philly Cheesesteaks. (There's a place in Chicago/Evanston that imports all their stuff from Philadelphia.)


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