Friday, September 19, 2008

It Be a Gloriful Day, ARGH!

ARGH! Avast, ye!

This is th' day we be callin' "Talk Like a Pirate Day" me bucko!

It be a real nation'l day of mirth. Ye can learn more on t'subject here, argh!

Bein' that th' boy who don't be agin' (goes by th' name of Peter Pan) likes to spar w'pirates, I be figurin' it me responsibility to inform ye. Avast! Methinks, perhaps, I be a wee bit bitter, as th' bilgerat Dave Barry helped create. His novels that be writ with Ridley Pearson...methinks have tainted th' good name of me matey Sir J.M. Barrie's work. But enjoy it, n'evrtheless! Argh! Me parrot concurs! ARGH!

So raise a cup o' mead to Captain Hook, Captain Quinn*, Blackbeard, Long John Silver and Captain Jack Sparrow! Argh! Ye can be throwin' in other scurvy dogs to th' mix if ye wish it!

*From Peter Pan's NeverWorld

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Anonymous said...

Mind if I rain on your parade?