Monday, September 29, 2008

Come Into One of My Worlds...

Exciting news!
I've alluded to a novel on this site a few times in posts as well as the semi-cyrptic message of the little clickable fox on this page.
You can now read this novel for FREE!

Publisher HarperCollins has a site Authonomy, which is designed to help launch the careers of new authors. Novels (either portions or entire manuscripts) are uploaded and made available to read online. Readers may then place books on a "shelf" indicating that they enjoyed and recommend it. As a book gains popularity, HarperCollins pays attention. "Shelved" books might then go on to be picked up by the publishing house itself.

Thus, I invite you to read my urban fantasy novel What If It's a Trick Question?
Natrually I hope that the increasingly dangerous world of Jeremy Strache strikes your fancy and you include it among the submissions to HarperCollins.

Start the adventure here!

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