Thursday, March 27, 2008

Princely Parody

I finally watched Enchanted. I meant to see it in the theater. Dare I say it? Enchanting. It’s always nice to see a movie that doesn’t take itself seriously while treating its source material reverently. Sometimes the folks at the House of Mouse hit the mark and this time they did it by striking the arrow into their own heart. They gleefully poke fun at their formula. Nearly if not all of the animated fairy tale features are represented in allusions and nods, presented in style. Wonderful tunes are sung with ridiculous lyrics…but well crafted ridiculous lyrics. The performances do a fairy tale proud. At one point I commented that I had never heard the line “I wish you every happiness” spoken with such sincerity. The F/X team and creative visionaries shined. Granted it may not be cinema ready for the annals. But it is artful. Don’t dodge it.

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