Monday, May 21, 2012

For Those Who Care...

Seems the movie adaptation of Peter and the Starcatchers is moving forward at Disney.  Just reporting it, as it's Peter Pan related.

As you either know (or as can be inferred from my posts and such), I am not fond of this book/series outside of it being a fun adventure tale on its own.  A prequel to Peter Pan?  To Disney's, perhaps.  To Barrie?  No.  I often wonder if the authors even read Peter and Wendy.

I hope that all who like the book are satisfied with the movie... for I know how upsetting that can be otherwise.  I also hope all who like this book actually read Peter and Wendy and discover the truth about the depth, psychology and magnitude of Barrie's genius as opposed to the watered down, erroneous presentation of Pan past.

(Find the staggering list of differences [aka blatant disregard] to Barrie's novels here.)


Persinette said...

It seems strange, that most, if not all of the "prequels" that have been written have portrayed Peter as the leader of a bunch of orphans.
Why do you think that it? Is it like an Oliver Twist thing? Why can't people make up an original story or work with what we learnt in the canon? (I know you're working on one, but that's not the point ^^)

Peter Von Brown said...

Persinette -

Yes, indeed. My guess is that it's simply the most logical (and easiest) choice for their origin. Why not just make them orphans so that they can live away from it all without ties to the mainland? But yes, the likeness to Oliver Twist is more than apparent. I suppose it's to be seen as homage (or an allusion at least) to another great author of the United Kingdom. To me, however, it makes both 'slightly soiled' rather than enchanting. So... yes, 'tis a pity the obvious idea is oft used, especially when we already know it to be incorrect. [That Peter Pan led a gang before arriving in the Neverland.] Another "literary borrow" that has shown up is Lord of the Flies. Another lens to use, but nothing beyond a parallel should be inferred [or made.]

Naturally my 'origin' tale of getting Pan to the island has other boys in it. But they show up there in the usual way, albeit re-examined and re-presented within the words and world that Barrie established. But that's just par for the course for me. ;)

Hope you enjoy Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between when it arrives - and thanks for commenting! Always sweet to hear from discerning Pan fans.

{P.S. - Fun site you have there.}