Monday, March 19, 2012


Most triumphant!

Whaddya say, babes n' dudes?

Are you ready for more of the time-traveling doofus duo?

Way back on September 3 2010, I mentioned that they've been kicking around ideas for a third installment into their wacky escapades. Well, it now seems as if it really is going to arrive from within the Circuits of History. The four of them (that being Alex Winter [Bill], Keanu Reeves [Ted], Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon [the writers]) have finalized not only the premise with which they wish to go, but the script for the next chapter of Bill & Ted. Not Bad!

If you're a little worried about the prospect of squeezing another movie out of these two... I say don't be. After all, it's not like they just picked it up on a whim, said "What the hell, why not?" and cranked something out. Far from it. All along they've been wondering what Bill & Ted would be like in "middle age." And the way I see it - if the creators want to explore it with full gusto, then I certainly do, too. Thus, they've (as mentioned) had a bunch of concepts they've toyed with...and came up the one they all agreed upon. Chris & Ed took a crack at the story on paper and it went through many years of tweaking. Well, now, as said, they have it hammered out. And they assure us it's excellent. I mean, hey, if the authors/actors of the creation are happy with their venture and full-on want to produce it for us... who are we to kibosh it?

I do, however, have a few cents I'd like to throw in!

First off... it's likely best that it include Lil' Bill & Lil' Ted (their kids - sorry if I spoiled the tail end of Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey for you) somehow. I imagine they'd either want to follow in their father's footsteps or land themselves in some sort of "need saving" trouble.

Second, I still would like it to have time travel. I mean, come on, it had been central to the first two films. There's no reason to throw it out now. (And it's what attracted me to the original film in the first place!) I'm not sure how it would factor in exactly...especially since I've got an idea as to where/what the next installment should tackle. I just think it should remain a key element in the third movie.

Thirdly, where to take the dudes? Well... I say outer space. Yes, really. Sound a bit far fetched? No, not when we look at the facts. They've been all around the globe. They've been around Time. They've been through the Afterlife and visited both Heaven & Hell. Where ELSE can they venture? If that's not enough to convince, consider this: Their music is supposed to align the planets. They have two Martians (or one big, depedning!) in their band. See it now? Wyld Stallyns needs to be traveling through the vast oddities of the universe!

Lastly, the title. Alex Winter has made it know that there is one. Oh dear lordy my how I wish I knew it!  But I have one of my own. Not that I'll be at all disappointed if it's not the one they pick. And it's actually not too far a stretch that they might have!

You see, I just re-watched both films.  (I've lost count of the amount of times I've seen Excellent Adventure, but it definitely exceeds 30) For my buddy Gil it had been a long time. Gil never saw the sequel though, so he and I watched that one as well. Needless to say, Gil found it excellent. Well, you see, in that movie, Bill says, "I have a feeling we are about to embark on a most unprecedented expedition." And boom. Title. Bill & Ted's Unprecedented Expedition. I love it. Or else Bill & Ted's Outstanding Odyssey. But I'd prefer it to be directly derived from the previous movie.

And the final thing to say is something concrete from Winter. Reportedly the story will still have Rock n' Roll as part of its structure. He says it had always been about Rock n' Roll. And given that a full quarter of a century of it has happened since Bill & Ted thought they needed Eddie Van Halen in order to be a super band, the creators are exploring how Rock n' Roll has developed or changed over the years. How does it affect Wyld Stallyns...or how can Wyld Stallyns affect IT?

Maybe a little shout out to Rufus and an explanation of what became of his character, too?  [Rest in Peace, Mr. Carlin!  We love & miss you!]

My best friend Laughter texted me saying he "needs" to see it with me.  Excellent!  And I think it's only fitting that Gil come with us if he's able.  Not bad!

Of course, the guys are "shopping it around" right now and it needs a 'Green Light.'  But at least we're one step closer!  STATION!

To all of this, I say:

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