Sunday, November 20, 2011

JeoPANrdy, Yet Again

One of my catch-ups throughout the time I'd been away from here is, yes, pseudo-sadly, episodes of Jeopardy!  (Hey, at least it's educational TV, no?)

Well, turns out Buttercup is a big Jeopardy! fan as well... so she watched some with me.  [I now live literally across the hall from Buttercup.  No really, literally.  I can see see her door when I open mine.]

So there we were, watching... and me thinking... "It's not going to happen again so soon, is it?"

A category came up:

And Buttercup and I looked at each other thinking..."It's BOUND to be there."


 First clue in the list:

So tell me:  Who at Jeopardy! loves Peter Pan so much?  I sure hope it's Alex Trebek!

By the way, the question/answer asked for the creator of the lands mentioned.  The contestant said only "James Barrie" which had been deemed correct.  It's not INcorrect, no, but it seems the sticklers of Jeopardy! judges might insist on the other name in there... or that could just be me.


Anon said...

Well, he usually went by "Jim Barrie" in person and "J. M. Barrie" in his writings, didn't he?

Peter Von Brown said...

Yes, but since they were asking for the 'author' I figure they'd want "J.M." - again, it's not incorrect at either instance, just being a 'stickler' like Jeopardy! judges often are.