Thursday, December 16, 2010

Spotlight on the Coming Shadows

I’m guessing that these two movies will spring forth a barrage of comparisons or mentions of Peter Pan and his shadow. And yes, I’ll be slightly irked about it when it happens. See the post: Shadow of a Doubt

I can’t decide if this movie will be good or not. It looks like a lot of fun, but it also borders on the bad kind of silly. I’m teetering. Plus, I’m not so very fond of the one actor in it... but I can overlook that if it turns out to be a good film.

And this one, which is forthcoming from DreamWorks Animation SKG, especially seems like there will be people who bring Peter Pan to mind:

Me and My Shadow The story of Shadow Stan, an extremely frustrated shadow who yearns for a dynamic life but happens to be stuck with Stanley Grubb, the world's most boring human. Finally pushed to the brink, Shadow Stan breaks the singular rule of the Shadow World ("They lead, we follow"), and takes control of Stanley!

Here’s a little tidbit for you -- given that the “living shadow” idea is so prevalent in Pan pop culture, I’m playing with the idea for the second book of NeverWorld.  It’s partially (probably half) written and one day I will get back to it. Although truth be told, I’m much more interested writing the third book. Why then isn’t that the second one? Among other factors, it’s a storyline time frame issue.

Well, here’s hoping we get some stories out of these two films.

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