Monday, October 11, 2010

Not Too Flighty!

In case you were wondering about the status of my Barrie interquel Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between, Andrea Jones is still in the process of reading it. She’s quite a busy woman and yes, that’s the truth, despite the cliché.

Anyway, since it’s been a little while, I’d been wondering myself. As I had something else to bring to her attention, I thought I’d inquire about my novel... admitting to being paranoid (a la: did not hearing from her mean she’d soured on it suddenly?) Not the case at all. She replied (with a “spoiler” removed):

Yes, I still love B&B, no worries! Peter hasn't yet arrived in the Neverland, just got back to Kensington Gardens after his pow wow in.... Which concept I love, by the way. Wonderful.

(Eternal) Boy! Had I been glad to hear that! You see, the concept she’s commenting on is the very one that I’d been wary about. Perhaps you recall in previous posts I’d been a bit worried that the idea would be too outlandish. I always did and still do like it, of course, but my fear had been that over-exposure to it (while composing) made it more acceptable to me. But it rather seems that I do not have cause for worry. For both Andrea and Anon enjoyed it. (it did require some cutting and tweaking as per Anon’s perusal, but the idea itself had not been rejected.)

So it’s great to know... quite a relief, actually, that two Barrie-fanatics are on board.
Just wait until Andrea gets to the Neverland!


Anon said...

Awesome! Glad Andrea loves you-know-what!

Andrea Jones, aka Red-Handed Jill said...

It's about 'Time' I weighed in on our favorite subject, The Neverland.

Thank you, Peter, wonderful man, for your wonderful blog, (such a mundane moniker for such a treasure chest of thought) and your enthusiasm for my work, as well.

Yes, I'm thrilled with the new... concept... you've brought to Betwixt and Between. But really, is it all that new?

I heard John Stewart say the other day -- paraphrasing here -- that creativity thrives best within limitation. We can all thank the master story-teller, J.M. Barrie, for his Timeless limitations, which grant us, literally, Worlds of meaning and pleasure.

Peter Von Brown said...

Thanks Andrea!

And again, it's nice to know that it does seem Barrie-like. I guess it helps that the idea for it came directly from Barrie, and, as I told Anon elsewhere, it also helps that I (upon this go at wrtiting it) connected it to something else lifted from Barrie's text.