Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fly By Right

It could just be me...
(and in fact I asked Bart, but it doesn't really bother him...)
But it just doesn't seem right that anyone flies before the eternal boy himself.

What am I talking about?
In the latest Disney video featuring their version of Peter Pan's companion fairy a la Barrie, Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, the little girl in the story is given the power to fly by the fairies.  No, I haven't seen the movie, but I know this as anyone else would by watching the advertisements.  (I've seen the first of their Tink video ventures and I actually didn't hate it.  However, I didn't see any reason to continue with the series since I'm not really a Tink fan and it's within the Disney scope of Barrie's world, whereas I am rooted in Barrie's actual [as well as wading in the alluring alternate Barrie reality of Andrea Jones.])

ANYWAY, I just don't cotton to the idea that someone is given the power of flight without, or especially before, Peter Pan.   For one thing, Peter didn't originally obtain it from the fairies (but yes, he did fly again later via them.)  For another, it just seems wrong to steal his thunder, doesn't it?

Of course, it is possible that Peter Pan's flight from his nursery window, life in Kensington Gardens and arrival at the Neverland has already happened within the arc of the storyline of films up through Great Fairy Rescue.  As I haven't seen them, I don't know for sure.  (And if it's mentioned in the first one, like Pan, I don't recall.)  But even so, it just doesn't seem like something the fairies would want humans doing without the insistence of the eternal boy.  Granted in this case it is to save a fairy and probably prevent the exposure of their existence...and desperate times call for desperate measures.  But still, it just doesn't seem "fair" to Barrie's boy, nor fit within the general sense of the phenomenon.  Plus, I'm not optimistic about the correct placement and time-frame of the film given Barrie's ambiguous history of Pan.*

Perhaps Tink has now HEARD of Peter Pan in the films and allows it to happen given her knowledge of Pan having done it?

Either way, I just don't agree with a kid flying without Peter Pan present.

What about you? Are you somewhat perturbed by a little girl flying (seemingly) before Peter Pan [and friends]?

* Naturally since I am obsessed with Pan and would also have to do so by necessity in order to write about and within Barrie's world, I've worked out a timeline and dates for the events of the Peter Pan stories using the evidence, allusions and facts presented within Peter and Wendy, the play and Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.


Anon said...

Glad you put up a picture of it there.

You know what my answer is already (I hope).

Anonymous said...

doesnt bother me as much as depictions of peter pan as the bad guy

Peter Von Brown said...

Anononymous -

First, PLEASE don't post as "Anonymous."

Second, on many levels, Peter Pan IS the bad guy. In fact, in the original drafts, Captain Hook did not exist and Pan had been the villain. Granted he's the "hero" of story, but the reason there are quotes around it is he can be very selfish, uncaring, purposefully mean for fun and "stole" kids from their parents with no intention of having them ever come back.

I adore him (obviously) as much as the next person, but to deny his dark side is just not possible.