Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spanish Fly?

While looking for information on Bernstein’s music for Peter Pan, I once again came across this review. It’s not of Bernstein’s. It’s for Peter Pan: El Musical. I shouldn’t be making light of the plight of those who suffered by this review. But good gravy! It's "so" worth reading. For a story about believing it is, well, unbelievable. Not often are such biting words seen. And though I’m not all that fond of the famous fairy myself, you’ll find what I’ll call an incredible anecdote about her. By the way, you’ll be hard pressed to find a good review of this production.

Here’s the opening statement:

To die, Peter Pan famously declared, will be an awfully big adventure.
I wouldn't go that far myself, but it certainly seems infinitely preferable to sitting through this dismal Spanish production of J M Barrie's masterpiece, one of the most lamentable evenings I have ever endured in a West End theatre.

Click here to read the rest. Just make sure you’re not holding liquid in your mouth as you read…


Danielle Mari said...

"(Do the Spanish have no taste? one wonders wanly.)" Best line ever.

Jen said...

Wow. I could take lessons from that reviewer.