Monday, July 21, 2008

What "Props" Up Conversation? Show Some Respect.

While I waited in our favorite sushi restaurant for Bart and Lage, my eyes gravitated to the large flatscreen TV. Normally we eat on the “other side” (two sections) of the restaurant so watching it there proved somewhat of a novelty. It has the closed captioning on so as not to disturb the atmosphere. Not that I had been interested in the program. The Espys. Justin Timberlake hosted, which I found strange, until I remembered that he is a golfer as well. But none of that is the point.

I heard (or rather saw) him say, “I have to give you props.” Does this bother anyone as much as it does me? The first time I heard it, I said, “Props? What? Like giant comedy sunglasses and a walking stick? Why are props needed?” Then, of course, I had been corrected and told the meaning. Not that it made the situation more clear.

Color me bitter, but I think this term has to be one of the worst pop culture has to offer. First of all, it just sounds silly. “Give you your props.” Come on, really? Second of all, it’s damn lazy. I wouldn’t have a problem if one said, “Give you your proper respect.” Oh wait. Yes, yes I would. What ARE said proper respects? Isn’t it rude to accentuate giving proper respect and then not even bothering to list or explain why or how or what that respect entails? And then to make it even worse by truncating it down to just “props.” Sorry, I’m too slothful and cool to tell you how I really feel about you, so, take your damn “props.” Here, here’s a mug and an umbrella.

* I found this photo on the 'net in Google image search under "giant sunglasses." If this is your photo, please excuse me using it, I meant no proved too perfect for this post. Thanks.

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