Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Peter Pan 101

The "magically appearing overnight" statue of the infamous boy from Sir J.M. Barrie's most beloved tale has now seen a myriad of nights since then.  One hundred and one years of them, in fact.

I had a hard time finding it.  By which I mean I'd wanted to just come upon it.  Walking aimlessly amid the magnificence of lush greenery and splashes of color in the Kensington Gardens proved a welcome diversion.  To be in the place where it all happened!  You can wander for hours and not see it all, depending, of course on how much you take in or speed through.  You've been walking forever, thinking where the devil could it be??  And then, just around the bend (it's a cliché, but quite accurate!) it slinks into view from behind the trees.  As it should be -- like flying to the Neverland from London.

That's me there... in "painture."  I'm holding a picture of what Barrie had envisioned for the statue from George Frampton.  But, you can't win them all.  For the record, I'm back to wearing hats.

I've posted further information as well as my opinions of the statue over the years.  But no matter which lens is used, I'll not ever be able to discredit the sheer grandeur of craftsmanship and detail of the statue itself.  But more importantly, nothing will ever diminish the pure magic of the that moment.

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