Tuesday, April 16, 2013

PANcil Drawing

How did P.J. Hogan reveal to Jeremy Sumpter that he'd gotten the role of Peter Pan?
He showed him a drawing and asked him who it is.  Jeremy replied with the obvious.  Peter Pan.
But the sketch depicted him, said Hogan.

Pretty cool.  I like the drawing.  My only critique is that he looks rather tall.  Also note that Pan apparently had wraps on his feet as part of the design.  I can see the probable need, and the logic.  But I'm glad they chose to eliminate them.  Barefoot is just much more in tune with rough and tumble Peter.

Thanks for sharing this pic, Mark Robert.  He's Sumpter's manager and you can see this photo and much more at the official site.  I'd been curious what the drawing looked like ever since I'd heard about it.  I think it's on the extras in the DVD.  Or else it had been during a promotional interview.  I don't remember... it's been nearly a decade since the film came out!

At any rate, always a delight to see a nicely done drawing of the eternal boy.  And even better to see an historic one!  (That label too much for you?  Don't forget he's the first Pan on film that's not silent, filmed on a theatrical stage or animated.  Not to mention the first seen boy in the role on film.)


Anonymous said...

Didn't Ryan Francis play a young Peter Pan in Spielberg's "Hook" though?

Peter Von Brown said...

I don't count it. Besides a tendency to dis-acknowledge that movie altogether, it is not Barrie's tale.