Monday, October 8, 2012

Hooked on "Jeopardy!"

See? Jeopardy! loves Barrie.
Again and again.

Though this time around the "question" is correctly "Who is Captain Hook?" and this is notable since, oddly, he's not a commonplace occurrence in these all too common occurrences.

Also, about this entry, just a Jeopardy!-esque nit-pick.

It should read "Peter and Wendy" not "Peter Pan" since it says literature.  When I think of Literature, I think books.  A play is fiction as well, but it falls under the Theatre category.  There may be no distinction here but my own, and it certainly doesn't belittle or inflate the issue either way.  Especially since Jeopardy! could in fact be referring to any of the myriad of publications of the well know tale under the title "Peter Pan."

Oh well... until Pan and Barrie fly into the little blue rectangles again...

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