Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Second Centennial!

Today marks the
Second Centennial of Peter Pan!
 2nd??  Say what now?
Yes, it's true.

October 11, 1911
is the publication date of Peter and Wendy, which is, of course, the novel form of the tale of the flying boy and his adventures with the Darlings.

If you're wondering, the first Centennial had been December 27, 2004.  The play first opened on that date (1904).

Can you BELIEVE it?  100+ of Peter Pan!

I also received my copy of the new annotated "Peter Pan" (published under that title, as it is so often.)

It's a great book.  Lots of excellent pictures ranging from Barrie photos, his other works to other illustrations of the characters to movie pictures.

And guess what... for those of you who are interested in it [and I know some of you are!] this book does include Barrie's screenplay.  Yep, the movie treatment by none other than the man himself written for the silent movie.  It had not been used, sadly.  But it's still here for us to enjoy.  Prior to this publication it had been obscure to say the least.  Being as obsessed as I am, I naturally had a copy already.  And in fact, I have used quite a bit from it in both Peter Pan's NeverWorld and Peter Pan: Betwixt-and-Between (although much more so in the latter.)

So reaffirm your believe in fairies today, okay?

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